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We can be contacted via the Shorebase Trust at:

Coquet Canoe Club
Coquet Shorebase Trust
The Braid
NE65 0WU

Alternatively you can email us at:

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  1. Peter Faill says:

    Hello I am a 63-year-old male and in very good health and fitness. I would love to learn how to kayak/canoe and would you be able to tell me if you have beginners classes/courses and if so when and what cost and could I join. I am very enthusiastic about learning how toKayak and canoe so if you can accommodate my request. Thanks very much Peter

  2. Duncan Dornan says:

    Hi, my partner and I have just got a house in Amble and tried Kayaking for the first time on the lake. We loved it and would like to learn more. The woman at the centre (Vic) suggested we join the club as the best way to enjoy it. Can you advise how we can do that?

    We are novices in our 50s but reasonably fit.

    With thanks,



  3. Kevin wilson says:

    It’s been a few years since I have done kayaking and would like to take up the sport once more, could you advise how to join the club and take part in the activities



  4. david Poole says:

    Hi I have a holiday lodge in Amble and have a keen interest in taking up this pastime/sport I have experience from my yout but now at 58, although physically fit need kicking into shape.

    Kindest regards

    Dave P

  5. Vicki says:


    I was just wondering how to book to come to one of the sessions. I’m a beginner with some previous experience of kayaking on holiday and for group activities

    Thanks 🙏

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